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1oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bar

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The PAMP Suisse 9999 Pure 1oz Gold Bar is a meticulously crafted and highly sought-after gold bullion product. Produced by the prestigious PAMP Suisse, a renowned Swiss precious metals refinery, this gold bar exudes exceptional quality, purity, and craftsmanship. PAMP Suisse is globally recognized for its commitment to excellence, making their gold bars highly trusted and valued by investors and collectors alike.


  1. Material: This gold bar is made from 99.99% pure gold, also known as "four nines" gold. It signifies the highest level of purity achievable in the industry, ensuring the bar's authenticity and value.
  2. Weight: The PAMP Suisse 1oz gold bar contains precisely one troy ounce (31.1035 grams) of pure gold. This standard weight is widely recognized and preferred by investors for its ease of trade and liquidity.
  3. Dimensions: The bar typically measures approximately 41mm in length, 24mm in width, and 1.71mm in thickness, providing a compact yet substantial form that is easy to handle and store.
  4. Design: PAMP Suisse takes great pride in the design of their gold bars. Each bar features a meticulously minted and engraved design, showcasing the PAMP logo, weight, purity, a unique serial number. The intricate details and exquisite craftsmanship add aesthetic appeal to the bar's overall appearance.
  5. Packaging: To ensure protection and authenticity, PAMP Suisse gold bars are individually sealed in a tamper-evident assay card packaging. The card includes the bar's specifications and a matching serial number to certify its authenticity and quality.
  6. Authentication: PAMP Suisse employs cutting-edge security features such as holographic technology and a unique serial number system on their gold bars, enabling easy verification of their authenticity.

The PAMP Suisse 9999 Pure 1oz Gold Bar offers a blend of investment value and aesthetic appeal. Its high purity, recognized brand reputation, and exquisite design make it a desirable choice for both investors and collectors seeking a tangible and reliable store of wealth.

Mint Pamp Suisse
Year Any Year
Country Switzerland
Weight 1oz
Purity 9999
Status Active

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