Gold Au $2465.27 $3.94
Silver Ag $30.37 $-0.03
Platinum Pt $1001.41 $0.10
Palladium Pd $962.60 $-1.53

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Sell Bullion to Us

Every seasoned investor will tell you that bullion items are amongst the best and most profitable physical forms of precious metals[1] .

In order to make a profit, you ought to diversify your bullion portfolio regularly and know when it’s the right time to sell your bullion coins and bars and get the new ones.

If you have decided that it’s the time to trade your assortment of bullion products, Bullion Boss is the best buyer.

Why Bullion Boss?

Unlike gold and pawn shops, we are professionals in the bullion market ourselves.

Therefore, we are not profit-driven in the sense that we buy gold from you and offer you an unfair deal. We are authorized buyers and retailers of bullion items, so you can rest assured you’ll get the most  for gold, silver, and platinum bullion.

We operate with a clear goal: earn our customers’ trust, and build a strong precious metal community.

How Do We Appraise Your Bullion?

The biggest portion of the value of your bullion is its spot price, and we’ll pay according to the spot price of silver or gold at the given moment.

We also determine the purity, or fineness, of your bullion. It refers to the percentage of the precious metal that your item contains.

For example, if you own a pure silver coin, it will display .999 or .9999 fineness, meaning that its chemical makeup is 99.9% or 99.99% silver.

After all the features of your coin are specified, including the weight, we’ll offer you the best deal based on the current spot price.

Which Bullion Do We Buy?

Most people sell silver coins to us, precisely because we’re unparalleled when it comes to the price we offer.

The most popular coins we buy are:

  • Silver Buffalos
  • Silver Eagles
  • Silver Maple Leafs

You can also sell gold coins, rounds, and bars to us, regardless of the size, and we’ll offer you the most favorable prices.

Are you unsure of the worth of your bullion coins?

As we are knowledgeable in all kinds of mintages, we can recognize the real value of your coin. Our team of professionals can help identify the year of issue, metal content, and your coin’s worth. 

Even if you think it does not hold any value, come to us for an evaluation  - you may be in for a pleasant surprise!

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Sell your bullion items to Bullion Boss, and get the best value-to-money ratio!

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Are you interested in buying genuine bullion products from the most reputable mints, too? You’re welcome to check out our ever-growing collection of silver and gold coins. 

We also trade, if you would like to trade up from Silver to Gold or trade down.